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WinMend File Copy is one of the most important programs to copy files from Flash or CD or hard disk to any other place on the hard disk at high speed, where the program file copying tool increases the speed of file transfer to 3 times the speed of the normal operating system, File Recovery has been developed to start managing the contents of your hard drive with ease, manage your files and folders, and move files from one place to another quickly. And saving time rather than waiting for a lot of time The program also displays the total size of the selected items, the file transfer speed and the elapsed time of the transfer and copying process, as well as the ability to stop copying or transferring at any moment and resume at a more convenient time.

WinMend File Copy

WinMend File Copy
WinMend File Copy
Year of issue: July 2017
Developer: WinMend.com
Software Size: 2.3 MB
Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows
Software license: FREE
Category: Computer Software, Software 2014

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