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Download avira antivirus free for PC

Avira Free Antivirus is the most powerful anti-virus and anti-malware programs and is widely recognized by millions of users around the world. The program has won many international awards for its anti-virus and Windows 10 compatibility. Keeps your privacy, ensures that the program to detect all viruses and malware and malware in the computer and eliminate, the program Avira is one of the best anti-virus programs that work easily and updated daily through the For the Internet, Avira warns against malicious Web sites while surfing the Internet and alerts you if you find spyware or infected sites with viruses and malware

 The program supports many Internet browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and others. The program protects the threats transmitted to the computer via e-mail, keeps the bank data and does not steal your credit cards. The program is light and does not consume much of the processor resources. AntiVirus is a scheduled scan that scans a set of files at a specific time. The program is updated periodically and automatically. The program is characterized by high speed in eliminating viruses, checking and knowing everything that threatens your computer,  enjoy the speed of internet and computer.

Download Avira 2019 for PC

New in the latest update

Improve language localization and improve stability

A comprehensive check of all the sites you browse

Update the database with the program

Transfer damaged files to quarantine automatically

Detecting malware using innovative research techniques

When Auto Scan is selected from the settings, it will not repair damaged files

Information about Avira Free Antivirus software release for PC

Software release: Avira Free Antivirus 2019 15.0.1905.1249

Date of issue: May 2019

Developer: Avira GmbH

Program size: 294 MB

Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

Software license: FREE

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