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Download CCleaner latest version of the computer 

Download CCleaner program to speed up the device

CCleaner program of the most important cleaning programs and speed up the performance of the machine where he works to clean up and speed up the machine by cleaning up traces of the files and get rid of the mistakes Registry and mistakes related to Browsers online with getting rid of duplicate and non-files are important, keeping the program on the excellent performance of your PC and make the device works with high efficiency through Get rid of a lot of waste and unnecessary programs that negatively affect the performance of the device, the program has a powerful scanner works very quickly to scan all parts of the computer to access the duplicate files and non-important programs and the roots of deleted programs and browsing history Internet content on visited sites then displays all unnecessary files in a list and scans Internet surfing.

Clean PC The program provides several ways to delete unnecessary files for you, which is the possibility to delete all files at once by pressing one button and the second way is to select certain files to be deleted, the program has a global fame in cleaning the computer and get rid of malicious files and is one of the best programs to clean and speed up the computer And it is used by millions of people around the world. If you are facing problems with slow computer and work very low efficiency, the great solution is to download and install C Cleaner, which works in a short time to clean the device and make it work efficiently and fast speed and you can download the program for free From the link below the subject, the program provides a large space for storage on the hard drive through the scanning of files and unnecessary files unnecessary, the program is light and easy to use and small size does not take a lot of time in the download and the way to install it on the computer is very easy and does not need any other help programs It is suitable for all computer users, whether professional or beginners in the field of programming where you can clean the computer and get rid of all waste by pressing a few clicks.

CCleaner to clean the device

Completely security program. Although it is free software, it does not contain annoying ads or pop-ups as it is continuously updated to ensure access to the best use in the case of issuing an upgraded version, the program is given notices alert you to the presence of new versions, helps you CCleaner Program in Program Management Instantly installed on your PC without deleting duplicate files, malware and deleted program roots, the program scans all traces of Internet surfing such as deleting cookies and browsing history. It also supports many popular Internet browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox, M program many of the world's languages, making it widespread all over the world come program CCleaner fit for many of the operation of the various computer systems in addition to its support for a copy android which works on smart mobiles such as Sony and Samsung and Nokia and Huawei and Oppo and others.

 The program is characterized by high speed in check and clean the device does not take a lot of time, comes the software version with many features, including the possibility to back up important you files for retrieval while you want and features a copy of the program as soon as the attic for copying the old program as well as work to repair mistakes that can The new version of the program also provides you with information about the empty files at the beginning of the computer to help you get rid of them quickly and securely. This will ensure stability of the operating system, increase the efficiency of the computer and reduce the time used by the device in opening, G program to examine Registry thorough examination in a few sec with give you a detailed report on the files and errors in Registry file also provides you with suggestions in dealing with the optimal registry files, which helps to raise the level of improving computer without damaging the operating system.

Information about CCleaner 

Software version: CCleaner 5.54.7088

Date of issue: March 2019

Developer: Piriform

Program size: 18.4 MB

Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 10-Windows 8.1- Windows7-8

Software license: FREE

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