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Download Microsoft DirectX 9.0c for free

 Microsoft DirectX is a set of technologies that are designed for easy operation and display of multimedia such as full color graphics, video, 3D graphics and various audio files on computers. DirectX 9 is one of the most important programs to run many great games such as Viva, Gata, Pepsi and other games and video games. Also on the computers and also speed up these games and high quality and you can also watch movies in high quality and clear voice and purity and small size and easy to use, which is produced by Microsoft and is indispensable for the computer now

Download DirectX 9.0c

The program installation process on the computer is easy and simple. After downloading the program, choose the 64-bit or 32-bit operating system. The program does not interfere with any operating system. It is distinguished in improving the compatibility of games and modern programs with the operating system and not You will find it difficult to work on the computer and may need the program at any time when running modern programs or games, and the program will solve any problems in running this software on the computer at any time

Information about DirectX 9 software

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Software Size: 95.63 MB

Licenses: FREE

Language: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

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