EaseUS Data Recovery

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 EaseUS is a program to restore files deleted from the computer errors or deleted and if you want to restore these files once again on the computer need some of the tools provided by the program can recover files such as images and Hard disks and files, allowing files to be deleted as a result of viruses, and the performance of some software or file corruption. The program supports the recovery of deleted files from the hard disk, USB drive, SD card and memory card It also provides a comprehensive data recovery solution for computer users to recover deleted files.

EaseUS Data Recovery

 EaseUS Recovery recovers deleted files

EaseUSEaseUS Data Recovery recovers deleted files from your computer by performing a comprehensive search of all the files on your computer and hard disk and by performing a thorough scan of all the files on your computer

obtaining image and document files, searching for large files, If you do not find the files, you can perform a new scan by checking the files and checking their presence on the computer and searching the hidden and hidden files

Key Features of EaseUS Data Recovery

The program quickly scans files on your computer, whether accidentally or lost, that have been deleted from the trash and work to retrieve them again

The program provides a deep and comprehensive scanning of all data and files available on hard disk that can not be accessed through quick file search

The program can be from a USB drive or SD card, card or any other digital device where files have been lost or a digital device with media storage card such as photos, documents, videos, e-mails and archives

The program works on all Windows versions and is the operating requirement required by any software version of Windows  7, 8.1, 8. 10, XP or Vista and Windows versions 32 - bit or 64 - bit and supports many languages

EaseUS Data Recovery

The program can recover lost files from Document files, Word documents, Excel, compressed files, PowerPoint files, HTML web pages and PDF files

Restores audio and video files in all possible formats such as MPG, FLV, SWF, AVI, MP3, WAV, WMA, and thus can be used to restore lost movies and music on your computer

Ricova can also be used to recover deleted files on your computer. It is a free program that works to recover all types of lost files on your computer, hard disk and flash card

Information about the release of EaseUS Data Recovery for your computer

Software Release: EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard 12.8.0

Date of issue: November 2018

Developer: EASEUS

Program size: 41 MB

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