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Google Chrome Web Browser is the latest version 

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Google Chrome browser is one of the best browsers, which is produced by the global company Google has been the first version in 2008 and has a great reputation in the field of the Internet because of the features that make it in the forefront of the browsers of these features the speed of access to the Internet and provide a large amount of safety is a browser Open source where you can control the settings in a way that suits your needs, developers interested Google Chrome browser to get rid of the problem that corresponds to other browsers is slow browsing and therefore designed to Google Chrome browser to operate every page open to its own operations without affecting the other pages, D to high speed in browsing and open many web pages without significant impact on processor resources or fatigue of memory.

The Google Chrome browser interface is simple, stylish and easy to handle. The search box is in the middle and you can open many pages at the same time. The browser also supports auto completion. When you type the words you are looking for, the browser completes them, saving a lot of time and effort. Allows you to modify the search words that were written incorrectly and keeps the browser visited sites that facilitate you to quickly access again, the browser provides security for all your data and personal information while browsing the Internet, which includes a lot of tools and features Save your data as your browser to alert you in case of suspicious sites or browse harmful to avoid it, your browser fits many different operating systems in addition to having a copy is working on smart phones of various kinds, whether operating system or Android IOS.

Download Google Chrome for PC 2019

The developers update Google Chrome browser on a regular and continuous basis, making it a powerful competitor to the popular Internet browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or UC Browser. The browser is available in many languages ​​such as English and Arabic, which makes it easy to use in the world. The program saves the information entered into the browser such as e-mail, passwords, visited sites, names and telephone numbers, and when written again automatically appear, providing the effort and time and make browsing more smooth and flexible, U Browser is a list of favorites that helps you to access the sites visited before, the browser comes with many features that make it the center of interest of Internet users and lovers of browsing, including the synchronization of search on the various devices in the case of searching on one of the devices such as laptop and the search is not completed you can This program offers a lot of effort and time to get to the information and sites that have reached it before. The program helps in completing the electronic forms quickly and conveniently through the automatic filling feature where the program is hidden Name, telephone, mail and other, which helps you in writing within the electronic forms without trouble also helps you to sign electronic forms which supports electronic signature.

 You can use your account on Google services to enjoy all the services provided by Google, such as Google Chrome, Google Plus, YouTube and others, Chrome browser is free and does not bear any financial burdens when downloading such as fees or purchase It is completely free of annoying ads and pop-ups, By opening the microphone and uttering the words you are looking for, the browser will quickly write and search for them without having to write on your computer. You can easily access news sites and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

About Google Chrome browser version 2019

Software release: Google Chrome 74.0.3729.159 Stable

Date of issue: May 2019

Developer: Google

Program size: 55.7 MB

Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

 XP - Vista- 7- 8 - 10

Software license: FREE

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