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PotPlayer playing all audio and video

Download Bot Player to play all high definition audio and video

The PotPlayer program works on all formats of multimedia files whether audio files or videos in addition to the operation of satellite channels, the program contains an internal codec you can run all kinds of videos without the need for software programs, the program has many features that make it a strong competitor to popular multimedia programs and These features high speed in the opening of videos and the operation of all video and audio formats and light does not consume much of the resources of the processor and does not affect the performance of the device and the possibility of creating playlists to run multimedia files in order and you can Capture images from videos during playback and save them to your computer in different formats. The program interface is simple and unique and includes many tools that make it easy to use the program.

Download PotPlayer Free

 Once you've installed the PotPlayer software on your PC you can play videos and audio files on hard disk, flash, DVD and Blu-ray movies. You can also watch videos from different websites such as YouTube, the program supports many video formats such as MKV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MP4 , MPG and others, the program supports all the translation formats that appear with the video, you can fully control the display of multimedia files such as volume control, whether high or low sound You can also reduce or increase the display screen in addition to speed or slow video, N audio files such as MP3, OGG, M3U, FLAC, AAC, WAV and others.

Download Bot Player to play all high definition audio and videoThe program is free and you can download and install it easily on the computer, which helped spread the program all over the world, the program provides a lot of templates with different markets, which help you to change the interface of the program as you like, you can run a lot of satellite channels by PotPlayer with the provision of high quality voice The image is a condition of availability of Internet connection with the possibility of exchange between channels, the program is easy to use and suitable for all computer users, whether beginners or professionals and also supports the feature of drag and drop, the program is multilingual and supports the English language and works on Many of the Windows operating systems.

PotPlayer features:

1. Play all audio files and video files while enjoying watching high-quality videos.

2. Easy control of the program settings, which helps you adjust the volume and control the speed of video and increase or decrease the brightness.

3. The program supports many 3D glasses to enjoy watching movies.

4. The program gives a lot of detailed information about the video file or audio during playback with support for many of the translation formats that appear during the presentation of the video in clear font.

Information about PotPlayer 2019 release

Program Release: PotPlayer 1.7.18346.0

Date of issue: May 2019

Developer: Daum Communications

Program size: 23 MB

Software license: FREE

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