Recuva Deleted File Recovery

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Recuva free data recovery software

Recuva works to recover all files deleted due to viruses or deleted by mistake is important for all 
computer users is indispensable, the program helps you to recover all deleted files such as pictures or videos or audios or books or papers important to the work or emails, whether deletion From the computer or smart phones of all kinds or iPhone or flash or memory of digital cameras or memory card or memory card, the program is characterized by high speed in the recovery of files regardless of the size of files to be retrieved, the program produced by the company Giant world-renowned piriform, producing computer protection and maintenance programs such as the world-renowned CCleaner software among computer users.

Importance of using Recuva to recovering deleted files

All users of the computer suffered from the loss of important files forever if deleted incorrectly and the urgent need to retrieve these files and access to their files that have been deleted and retrieved in simple and easy steps, the program is easy to operate and suitable for all computer users, both professionals or beginners where you can identify the name of the deleted file And then press the button to retrieve the program to scan carefully to access the files you are looking for at high speed and recover all deleted files and data immediately, the program is a global fame used by millions of people around the world because of its importance to Stkhaddmy computer special smart mobiles if deleted important files and folders after formic process or deletion error or deleted through injury virus.

  Recuva File Recovery for Windows

Among the most prominent features of Recuva

1. Recovering files in a professional manner, maintaining the quality of the file that is retrieved properly and retrieving deleted files and folders, including the possibility of retrieving all kinds of files and folders from pictures, videos, audio, books and PDF pages.

2. Recover deleted files from all types of devices such as computer, iPad, tablets and smart phones of all kinds of Samsung, Sony Expressia, Shumi and other Huawei.

3. Small size and work to recover files that have been deleted without consuming a lot of processor resources and do not happen to slow down or slow down the speed of the computer during the work of the program.

4. Recover deleted emails which are of great importance to computer users and ease of use with the click of a button You can recover all the files you want without loss of quality or lost part of the deleted files.

5. The program is compatible with many devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and iPhone and works on many different operating systems with high efficiency, powerful scanner can access all types of files deleted at high speed and safely retrieved.

The program has a simple interface and includes all the tools necessary to facilitate the search for deleted files with all the details such as the name, size and location of the file with the appearance of the color shows the recovery rate, the program Recuva is a powerful scanning tool for files that are not at all irreversible to get rid of them and security without leaving Any traces or roots, the program provides the preview feature of files and images before retrieval, which facilitates a lot of time and effort and facilitates the work of the retrieval process and increases the focus on the files you are looking at, the program supports the Recuva many languages ​​in addition to the Arabic language, And how the program works for a wide range of computer users.

Information about the Recuva 2019 program

Software version: Recuva 1.53.1087

Developer: Piriform

Software Size: 5.22 MB

Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 10-Windows Vista- Windows7- 8

Software License: Freeware

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