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 Download SlimDrivers to update your PC Drivers

Slim Driver is one of the best programs to fetch and update the definitions of computers and laptops where you can perform a comprehensive scan by pressing the Start Scan icon on the device to see the current definitions installed on the device in less than a minute when connecting to the Internet and gives the number of updates available for update and information about the device Including the name of the device and the type of operating system and processor and gives you a list of updates required for different definitions and drivers such as sound card, network card, graphics card, printer, keyboard, mouse and external storage devices and the possibility of downloading and installed on the computer, Program SlimDrivers to fix tariffs malfunctioning device to increase the speed of the performance of the device software supports backup or tariff device or laptop for easy to install again if you install a new version on the device and is compatible with multiple brands laptops including Lenovo, Dell, Toshiba and other global brands.

 Download SlimDrivers

 SlimDrivers is a simple and easy-to-use interface with many tools to speed up and bring updates and device-specific updates, compatible with multiple versions of Windows and supports Arabic and English languages, etc. It is a small program and an effective tool to update the definitions of the device.


Information about the SlimDrivers version of the computer

Software release: SlimDrivers 2.2.45206.63218

Date of issue: March 2015

Developer: Slimware Utilities

Software Size: 918 KB

Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

Software license: FREE

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