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Download Viper for video and audio calls for computer and laptop

Download Viber 2019 free video and audio calls for computer

Viber 2019 is one of the most popular chat and social networking programs where you can communicate with your friends, family and colleagues at work easily through voice and video calls, the program has a global reputation used by millions around the world where it allows sending messages and make free calls with high quality, Computer operating systems in addition to working on mobile devices of all kinds, whether Sony or Samsung or Lenovo or Huawei and Nokia, which helped spread the program greatly, the program helps you reach people and friends in different The country of the world, which helps to reduce the distances for easy communication with family and friends all over the world and allows to communicate beautifully by making voice calls and video conversations, but requires the program to connect to the Internet.


Viber for high-quality video calls, chat and free voice chat

Viber 2019 PC In this case you can use text chat with the possibility of sending attachments such as pictures or videos of any size or compressed files or pages Word or Excel or PDF, etc., provides the possibility of chatting With a large number of friends with the possibility of sharing pictures, files and videos and provide a lot of different emoticons.

 which express the fun or sadness or wonder and others, developers are working to update the program continuously and has been introduced a lot of etc. The new features include the possibility of sending GIF animations. In addition to the possibility of making backups of chat and conversations with your friends, the sound and pictures are characterized by the high quality of voice or video calls for conversations conducted by the Viber program, whether the speaker or the future is a free program and you can download and install it easily on your computer

The most prominent features of the program on the computer:

1. The feature of holding conference calls with up to 100 users in one video call.

2. It is easy to make calls to mobile phones or landlines and requires the purchase of credit, which made the spread of the program large among users of computers and smart phones of various kinds.

3. Maintain your privacy No one can access your data and personal information.

4. Support call scanning or text messaging to provide more security and privacy.

The program is available in many international languages, which helped to communicate globally. The program allows you to transfer your conversations from the mobile to the computer and vice versa where you can start the connection on the mobile and then completed on the computer.

Information about the release of Viber 2019 for computer

Software version: Viber

Date of issue: May 2019

Developer: Viber Media S.à r.l.

Software Size: 86.6 MB

Software license: FREE

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