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Download Vivaldi Browser 2019

Vivaldi browser is one of the most popular browsers in the world. It includes a lot of features that make it a competitor to famous Internet browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and others, Vivaldi browser produced by programmers Yoon von Tatsuki and Tomita. The world of web browsers, where the user customize the user interface itself Zaqa by changing the colors and lines and the location of the address bar and window bar to suit the user so that the browser is more attractive to the scene, the browser is widely spread in the world where The browser version of the browser by more than two million people around the world, the browser is characterized by great speed in opening the web pages and ease of navigation between different sites, Vivaldi browser helps you save sites and pages visited and stores your passwords and emails for easy browsing these sites easily once Other and easy access to search engines such as Google and other transactions and security of cash transactions over the Internet

Vivaldi Fast Browser to browse various websites

Vivaldi Browser The browser is free and does not require any fees to download it, which helped spread the browser in all countries of the world It is also light and does not consume much of the resources of the processor and does not cause irritation of the computer, the browser interface is simple and includes all the tools and buttons crisis to make browsing easily, the browser maintains your privacy can not hackers And hackers to access your personal or banking information, the browser maintains the computer against viruses and suspicious sites that may harm the computer, the browser displays more than the site visited before for easy access with the click of a button, the browser helps you save pages T have been visited by the read even if it is not available Internet connection, the browser provides a powerful search tool will help you in quick access to pages and sites looking for, you can enlarge or reduce the size of the online recipe to suit your use

Information about the Vivaldi Browser version 2019

Software release: Vivaldi 2.5 Build 1525.46 Update 3

Date of issue: May 2019

Developer: Vivaldi Technologies AS

Program size: 53.3 MB

Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 10-Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8

Software license: FREE

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