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 Download windows 10 manager Windows 10

Windows 10 Manager is a great and great way to improve the performance of a computer running Windows 10 in particular. The program provides a lot of tools that reach 40 different tools to improve, clean and repair Windows 10, the program helps you get rid of Windows 10 errors and increase The speed of the computer and the stability of the computer system, the interface of the program is simple and distinctive and includes all the buttons and tools necessary for the management of Windows such as information, security, cleaning and others.

 The program helps you recover deleted files. When you click the Internet button, the program displays all available internet networks, improves Internet connection, supports many different Internet browsers, supports backups of the system and files to restore them when needed.

 Download windows 10 manager

 The program interface includes many distinctive tools that facilitate the process of maintenance and speed up the performance of the device, including:

System Optimizer, which helps you improve system performance and increase the speed of the device and control the programs of the start of Windows by checking and repair all elements of the startup and make sure that they are free of viruses and you can schedule tasks that help speed up your computer system.

 Cleaner tool helps you to uninstall important programs in a clean way from the computer and delete the unnecessary entries of Windows and provides an analysis of all programs, folders and files that consume hard disk space, making it easy to know the large files and unnecessary, which you can get rid of Provides large storage space on the hard drive and improves computer performance.

Customization tool that helps you customize the system elements according to your preference and preferences by changing or changing the desktop items, Start menu, Taskbar, File Explorer, etc. The program provides security for the system, computer components and registry settings. It also protects sensitive files and folders for you and encryption. Folders and preserve the privacy of hackers while surfing the Internet.

Information tool You can get a lot of detailed information about the system and other devices related to the computer as it shows all the processes carried out by the Windows system in addition to the diagnosis and identification of system problems and work to repair, the program helps you clean the system and increase the speed of Windows with a single click.

Information about the Windows 10 Manager software release for your computer

Software Release: Windows 10 Manager 3.0.9

Date of issue: June 2019

Developer: yamicsoft

Program size: 28.5 MB

Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating requirements: Windows 10

Software License: Trial

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