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Download Latest Version Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker is one of the most important programs available with Windows 7, 8, 10 to modify and make video. It is a simple and easy to use video editor that saves you time and helps you to collect photos, videos, music and special effects. Easy steps, easy to use MoviMaker you can easily bring video clips and assemble or add a set of images with music or audio file and the compilation and adjust the settings for the video and the addition of animation effects and visual effects and effects of moving and animation, Z - Maker does not need special skills Faced with the program easy and simple, MoviMaker program to save video files on WMV format only.

Download Windows Live Movie Maker

 Download movie Maker

The program in the new update has the ease of working videos from photo albums as long as possible, but the program may be slow when it comes to the duration of video output and saved on the computer, so prefer to use the program in the creation of small videos, and you can also through the program Get different video quality you specify, and the higher the quality of the video the more space the file is stored on the computer.

Information about Windows Live Movie Maker

Latest Version: Windows Live Movie Maker 16.4.3528

Developer: Microsoft

Software Size: 1.24 MB

Workspace: All versions of Windows

Version: FREE

Language: English and Arabic

Category: Video Editing & Software, Software


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