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Win Snape is one of the most popular programs in the screen of the desktop, which helps you to explain the programs and games where it allows writing comments on the images and add a lot of visual effects and the possibility of control the rotation of images at different angles, the program easy to use and simple and suitable for all computer users, either professionals or beginners In dealing with the computer, the program provides a lot of tools to make the images look like a wonderful painting, you can take pictures of the entire desktop screen or certain parts that you can identify from the screen, Win snap has the ability to shoot large windows Transparent Backgrounds Also supports screen shots with outlines or watermarks, the images captured by the program are clear, color-enhanced and high-quality. You can add comments to images and write them at high speed, helping you to make explanations for programs, games and some works that require explanations in a distinct way For posting in different sites and forums.

 WinSnap for taking and editing screenshots

The program comes with a lot of tools that help you to make adjustments to images easily, the program helps you to take pictures of the desktop professionally, the interface of the program is simple and contains many tools and features that allow you to take pictures and modifications, you can save the images taken from the program On the computer in different formats such as PNG, TIF, JPG, BMP and others, you can share the pictures taken from the program through different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. or send it via e-mail to your friends around the world, Program in action featured videos of images captured by the program for the desktop to work explanations for programs, applications and games.

 WinSnap for taking and editing screenshots
 The program provides many tools that facilitate the work of videos and recording everything that happens on the desktop such as a tool to cut images, which helps to get rid of unwanted parts The program also provides a lot of tires that you can use to make the images more beautiful and wonderful and provides the feature of merging many images to form Video or albums of images with a special format in addition to the ability to write comments and explanations on images, you can control the type and size of the font and color to suit all markets, the program supports the use of different watermarks, whether writing or image or logo to preserve images and video V your own theft, the program is simple and not energy consuming and you can use it simply.

Information about WinSnap 2019 for PC

Software version: WinSnap 5.1.2

Date of issue: June 2019

Developer: NTWind Software

Program size: 3.5 MB

Software License: Trial

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