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K-Lite Codec Pack free 

Download the K-Lite Codec Pack 2019 free

K-Lite Codec Pack is one of the important programs that must be installed on every computer is an important program in the operation of audio files and video on the computer without problems with the support of many different video formats It contains a package of codec that runs all Video and audio files are rare and need special software to run on the computer and from here we find that the program works to solve problems and play video formats in high quality with the possibility of taking pictures of the screen and save them on the computer and in addition to the operation of high quality video HD, And three videos Dimensional dimensions on the computer.

Download free K-Lite Codec 2019 

The ease of working on K-Lite Codec Pack is a result of the distinctive design of the program, which makes the program easy to use to play all the sound and film files and the ability to work on all common audio and video formats and even many rare formats. In addition, the current version of the program Everything you need to play all common video file extensions. Such as AVI, MKV, MP4, OGM and FLV, and are the most common files. The program supports CD and DVD files, and is an ideal solution for playing CDs on your computer.

K-Lite Codec Pack Download 

The program comes in many versions, including the issuance of the full version through which you can get many features, including support the operation of many audio formats without problems. It has support for playback of a few old audio and video formats. It is recommended to use this version of the program for easy handling and get all the features that enable you to play files on your computer with ease.

The program interface is easy to use and easy to navigate between icons and full control of the files displayed on the program and also the possibility of making lists for the operation and operation of many formats of audio and video files respectively and control the volume of sound flow, whether low or high and also Control the screen size displayed on the computer.

The program features a combination of VFW / ACM codecs to play all audio files and all audio and video formats with high speed, accuracy and high quality.

K-Lite Codec Pack is easy to use with its control panel. It comes in English and you can navigate to Arabic and French and also supports many versions of Windows such as Windows 10, 7, 8.1, which is a free program.

Information about K-Lite Codec Pack

Software version: K-Lite Codec Pack 14.9.8

Date of issue: June 2019

Developer: codecguide

Software Size: 47.4 MB

Software license: FREE

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