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Face of Max Download

Download Face of Max to install faces and funny images

Face Off Max is one of the most famous programs in creating funny images by installing the person's faces on the faces of famous characters or characters such as Superman and Batman and sharing your funny pictures with your friends. The program provides a lot of templates and pictures that you can use to install faces as the producer The program updates the photos weekly, you can write on your photos and add logos to them to acquire an atmosphere of fun and joy, the program provides a lot of tools that help you in editing images and add creativity to them, which increases the fun and humor, A program to create your funny pictures which you can share with your friends through different social networking sites, provides a lot of different tools to help you to cut the face professionally and the composition of the images, the interface is simple and includes all the necessary tools for the installation of the face and editing professional images and save them on the computer and easily Sharing through social networking sites with friends, family, and file upload sites.

Face Off Max Free Download

 The program provides the necessary instructions to create funny images, which makes it easy to use the program, especially beginners in the field of image creation, the program provides a lot of stages to edit the images and after these steps you can get real-looking images, you can increase the fun by writing ridiculous phrases on images, From the templates to different characters such as cartoon characters and personalities of space men in addition to the famous characters, which you can put your pictures on them, which adds to the images of fun and humor, characterized by the images produced by the program of high quality and looks consistent with the face The body, the program is light and does not consume too much processor resources.

Information about the issuance of Face Off Max 2019

Version of the program: Face Off Max

Date of issue: September 2017

Developer: CoolwareMax

Program size: 22 MB

Language of the program: Supports many languages

Operating Requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 10-Windows Vista- Windows7- Windows8

Software License: Trial

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