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Download Firefox browser latest version of the computer to open websites at high speed

Mozilla Firefox 67.0.1 (Quantum) - Final

Firefox browser is one of the best known Internet browsers where it is characterized by high speed and ease of use and has a fame where used by millions of people around the world, the open source browser is produced by the global company Mozilla Firefox program includes a lot of tools and features and specialized options that made it browser Optimized for many Internet users in all countries, the browser is characterized by the protection of your privacy while browsing the Internet can not hackers or hackers from accessing your data and your private information or bank accounts also prevents viruses, malicious programs and horses Trojan access to your computer while browsing the Internet also gives notices in the case of opening suspicious Internet pages, which keeps the computer clean without any threat, the program occupies a high position among known Internet browsers, especially in the field of security and maintain privacy and browsing speed, the program supports a lot of Foreign languages ​​such as English, French and German, which increased its spread all over the world at high speed, especially the Arab world since it supports the Arabic language.

mozilla firefox
Firefox browser comes with a lot of possibilities and tools that distinguish it from the old versions as well as other browsers such as high speed in performance and correct errors continuously automatically The new version is characterized by high efficiency noticeably reduces all messages on the screen and tells you that Firefox does not work or Firefox does not Responds and Firefox does not open, the program supports a lot of computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, which facilitates the spread of the browser is remarkable also supports the Android operating system, making a browser of the best browsers deployed on mobile Smartphones of all kinds such as Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo mobile phones, Xiaomi, Huawei, iPhone, iPad, etc., the browser interface is simple and free of complexities, which makes the browser easy to use for all computer users, whether professional or novice, and download and install the browser is very easy.

Download Mozilla Firefox

You can view a lot of web pages at the same time without affecting the resources of the processor or ramping up the computer or reduce its speed, Firefox browser is open source and allows you to control the settings of the program, which is easy to use according to your needs, once you open the main interface of the program will show you the search box for Google, which You can easily access everything you are looking for by typing and then pressing the Enter button on the keyboard.You can also access all the downloads that you have downloaded from the Internet, the program retains the sites you have visited and browsing history making it easy to access them again, The browser supports spell checking, which facilitates the search process in case of typing in the Google search box and if a word or phrase is typed with spelling errors, Firefox browser works for me to correct it automatically, the program reads PDF files, which makes it easy for you to see all the documents and papers on Internet and files received via e-mail.

Talking about security and privacy protection, the Firefox browser is second to none in the field of privacy as it has the ability to protect your computer from all types of viruses, horses and malware in addition to preventing pop-ups and annoying ads from appearing on your computer, making the use of Firefox browser more fun, smooth and secure Firefox Browser provides powerful protection for your computer against any threat or threat to your computer as a result of browsing.It also provides a secret browsing mode that prevents hackers, sites and hackers from tracking your browsing and knowing which sites were visited. Released user control and change the settings according to their needs and uses, the browser is characterized by high speed in downloading files from the Internet and high-speed in the open site and easy to navigate between different pages.

Information on the release of Mozilla Firefox 64

Version: Mozilla Firefox 67.0.1 (Quantum) - Final

Release Date: June 2019

Developer: Mozilla

Software size: 42.3 MB

Software License: Free

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