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Download driver for satellite cards on computers and laptops

Download Satellite TV Driver on ProgDVB Computer

ProgDVB program is one of the distinctive programs that display different satellite channels on your computer through the use of satellite cards, you can watch games, movies, series and television programs on the computer for free, the interface of the program is simple and help you navigate between channels easily as you can play all the different radio stations, the program offers a lot of different satellite channels with high accuracy such as specialized channels in the field of sports, movies, children and others, the program provides you with the possibility of recording videos from the Space years and save videos on your computer in various formats to watch them any time you want, the program helps to run The satellite channels and radio while working on the computer without the significant impact on processor resources, software is free and does not need money to load which led to spread all over the world.

Download Prog DVB Satellite TV Player 

The program helps you to watch international channels without distortion or interruption of sound or image, millions of people around the world use the program because of the possibility of watching international channels with high quality with the possibility of listening to the radio and also record videos from satellite channels, once you install the program on the computer you can listen to channels Global radio directly with the availability of the Internet using a DVB card and also the availability of decoders, the program is specialized to work on the mouse so it is suitable to work on many different operating systems, the program supports a lot of different sources Such as TV, Internet, radio and more than eight thousand different channels, ProgDVB program offers high quality satellite channels without interruption, the program has the ability to play videos on the hard drive or various CDs, you can add the frequency of satellite channels manually to the list of frequencies, the program works on All kinds of satellite cards whether old or new.

 The program is multilingual as it supports many international languages ​​such as English, Spanish, Russian, German, etc. It also allows the localization of the interface language, which increased the spread of the program in the Arab world, the program supports a lot of different devices such as DVB, ISDB-T, ATSC in addition to support many destinations such as DiSEqC, CAM also supports all audio formats especially audio formats related to digital TV such as MPEG, AC3, AAC, the program works on different versions of Windows.

Information about the release of ProgDVB 2019 for PC

Software version: ProgDVB 7.28.1

Release Date: May 2019

Developer: ProgDVB Software

The size of the program: 18.9 MB

Program language: Supports a lot of languages

Operating requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 10 - Windows XP - Windows7 - Windows8

Software License: Free

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