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Real Player HD Video Player

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Real Player program is one of the best programs that run all kinds of multimedia, whether audio files or videos or movies also helps you to watch videos that are displayed on the Web in high resolution in addition to enjoy watching videos and audio that are indicated on social networking sites such as Facebook Twitter and Instagram, the program is one of the oldest programs that was established in the field of multimedia where it was established in 1995 was the first name of Real and that the company producing him shortly after his name changed to the name currently known as Real Player and since its inception It has a great place among computer users so far where it is used by millions of people around the world, once you install the program on the computer you can play all the multimedia files without the need for other programs, the program works on a lot of different operating systems that work on the computer and laptop and iPhone in addition to Android system to work on a lot of smart phones such as Sony Xperia, Samsung, Oppo and others

Download Real Player

Real Player RealNetworks is a program that develops continuously to suit all the needs of users and therefore sits on the throne of programs that play various types of videos and movies on all platforms, the program is not only to play audio and video but also you can view images in various formats such as JPEG, PNG, JBIG, you can Enjoy the international radio stations that help you communicate with the outside world on a daily basis and you can watch international TV channels directly provided the availability of Internet connection, the program supports the playback of high-quality videos with full control of the subtitles On various videos and change the font size and color, the program supports cloud storage property where you can Mufadyohat your photos and your favorite audio interface, simple program storage and includes all the tools to help you videos and audio run smoothly and comfortably.

 Real Player has a great ability to play all video and audio formats since its inception to the present day such as WMV, Flv, MP4, Avi, MKV, AMR, MP3, WMA

Information about RealPlayer 2019

Software version: RealPlayer

Release Date: June 2019

Developer: RealNetworks

The size of the program: 62.6 MB

Program language: Supports a lot of languages

Operating requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 10 - Windows Vista - Windows7 - Windows8

Software License: Free


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