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 WinToUSB is a free software Install Windows from USB

Download WinToUSB Install Windows from a USB Flash

WinToUSB is a unique tool that enables you to set and install Windows on your computer through the USB flash drive.The tool facilitates the process of adding the Windows version to the flash drive and making it self-booting so that Windows can be installed at any time on the computer after restarting the device and set The settings of the device to read the flash instead of hard disk, the program is characterized to some extent ease of use and the presence of the Arabic language in the settings of the tool, which makes it easier to start using the program with ease and add Windows files on the flash without any problems and completely without losing any files Affect the work of n Windows Operating System On your computer, the WinToUSB is a free software tool runs automatically once the program is installed.

You may encounter some problems in copying Windows 7 on the flash may encounter problems in the driver when running on different computers, so strongly recommend using Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 in order to download the Windows version on the flash and from Then start downloading them to your computer.

It is preferable when using the flash in the installation of Windows on the computer, the use of a single flash for this purpose of use and not used in the transfer of files and make it customized in the installation of Windows on the computer only.

WinToUSB : Install Windows from a USB Flash Drive

WinToUSBWinToUSB program works to install Windows on the computer from the flash memory without the need of CDs or DVD or Blu-ray in addition to the possibility of installing many different operating systems such as Linux and Windows, the program is characterized by many features that make the installation of Windows easy and simple process and accessible to all users The computer supports both burning and maintenance CDs Hiren's Boot famous, the interface of the program is simple and professionally organized and help you install the version of Windows on the computer Chord easily, the program provides many options for the work of formate and also create a flash before use in the formate and then show you a window to determine the type of Windows to be installed and place place the copy of Windows and then start burning copy Windows or Mac on the flashes by pressing the GO button the program will burn all The copy files on the flash are ready to perform the installation of the copy on the computer via the flash without the need for CDs, DVD or Blu-ray.

The most prominent features of the program WinToUSB:

1. Easy to install different operating systems on the computer you can put the copy on the computer at the time you want at high speed. 2. Free for personal use and available to anyone anywhere in the world and works on both USB drive or external hard drive and easy to use, in a few steps you can install different operating systems on your computer and saves a lot of time in installing Windows.

3. High speed to burn Windows files on flash in ISO format smoothly and integrated without affecting a lot of resources of the processor.

4. Burn multiple operating systems on the same flash, which makes it easier for you to install the operating systems, if you want to install the Windows version for example on your home computer and also install the Linux version on the laptop you can use the same flash for this purpose, which saves a lot of effort and time.

WinToUSB 2019

The variety of flash drives and the different size, colors and shapes led to use by all computer users not only in the backup or transfer files between different devices but also in the installation of different operating systems such as Mac, Linux and Windows on the computer, making the process of installing Windows easy and simple and available at any time and Various devices, whether computer or laptop, features Win 2 USB.

About WinToUSB 2019

Program Version: WinToUSB 4.9

Release year: May 2019

Developer: The EasyUEFI Development Team

Size of the program: 5.35 MB

Program language: Supports a lot of languages

Operating requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 7 - Windows 8.1 - Windows8 - Windows 10

Software License: Freeware

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