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Download audio recording software and modify GoldWave audio files

Download Gold Wave to edit audio files and separate audio from music

GoldWave program of distinctive programs in the processing of sound and the separation of audio files from videos and add modifications to them with ease, the program is comprehensive and provides a lot of possibilities that help users to deal with audio files professionally so used by millions around the world, whether novices or professionals in dealing with the computer, uses Gold Wave program in acoustic engineering because of its many sound effects such as echo sound or a small sound works as a background with the original audio file as you can convert audio formats to many popular formats, the program helps you enjoy P audio files that you love because of the important features of the purification of the sound in addition to the possibility of cutting audio files and format and get rid of unwanted clips.

Download Gold Wave For PC

The program helps you to record audio clips efficiently and high quality, whether the source of recording connected to the computer internal or external, such as a microphone, the program helps you to enjoy the audio files that you love by specializing the sounds of disturbing backgrounds such as the sounds of fans or children and Arabs and if the audio files are recorded in the street or Near it you can get rid of the sounds coming out of the street, you can control the volume and adjust the strength and pitch of the sound, GoldWave program helps in saving audio files that were recorded in the program or sections that have been modified on the computer in different formats, can Control the speed and slow playback of audio clips, the program helps you to combine many different audio clips to create a single sound clip with a distinctive format and vice versa where you can cut large audio files into several small clips and save them in the appropriate formats for you depending on your use, the program supports many different versions of Windows It allows a large segment of computer and laptop users to handle the program easily and conveniently.

GoldWave 2019 Free

GoldWaveThe program interface is simple and easy and includes a lot of important icons that help in the process of editing the sound such as icon copy and paste and cut and delete and echo and others, the icon echo sound to insert or delete the echo of audio files, the way the program is easy and simple suitable for all users where you can open an audio file New screen appears small we choose from the efficiency of sound and recording time and then press the recording and after recording shows you a screen you choose the format of the audio file and where to save it on your computer, Gold Wave provides a lot of filters that improve the quality and tone of the sound, the program is characterized by ADC graphs that illustrate and analyze sound to wavelengths, frequencies and more.

The program supports a lot of audio file formats including MP3, WMA, OGG, M4A, MAT, WAV, VOC, AIFF and others

Information about the GoldWave version of the computer

Program Version: GoldWave 6.40

Release Date: May 2019

Developer: GoldWave Inc.

Program size: 11.8 MB

Program language: Supports a lot of languages

Operating requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows XP - Windows 10 - Windows7 - Windows8

Software License: Trial


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