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Download SRWare Iron 2019 for PC

Download SRWare Iron Fast Browser to browse websites at high speed

SRWare Iron Browser is one of the fast Internet browsers capable of running and opening all websites, which has won the admiration of the user where it depends on the advanced software and the code and the design of the wonderful Google Chrome browser and enables you to browse the Web sites safely and privately without infection by viruses, malware, worms and spyware spread through malicious sites Internet, SRWare Iron browser has the ability to create a list to save the most visited sites and important sites for easy browsing quickly again and support the possibility of opening multiple web pages and sites in one window and switch between them easily and support Make banking and financial transactions safe without fear of theft of your credit data as the browser supports the preservation of complete privacy to a large extent and not hackers and hackers steal account numbers and passwords secret sites and personal data.

Download SRWare Iron 2019

The browser interface is simple and distinct and supports the possibility to change the background of the browser and choose the image that suits you, the browser supports the operation of various social networking sites and video playback sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion as well as running online games because it contains a flash player automatically with the browser has been solved the problems of communication with different devices and increase Fast Internet browsing and playback of audio files over the Internet, and contains a currency converter tool from US dollars for various currencies at high speed and is a free browser available for computers.

Information on the release of SRWare Iron 2019

Program Version: SRWare Iron 74.0.3850.0

Release Date: May 2019

Developer: SRWare

Official website of the program

The size of the program: 58.1 MB

Program language: Supports a lot of languages

Operating requirements: All versions of Windows

Windows 10 - Windows Vista - Windows7 - Windows8

Software License: Free

 Download SRWare Iron Internet Browser for PC:

64 bit version                                                     


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