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Program AVG Antivirus

 is one of the most important and best protection and anti-virus programs and remove malware and malware and prevent them from infecting the device with viruses that cause damage to important files and software and data loss and the program enjoys the admiration of millions of users and contains a database of modern viruses for easy navigation in browsing the Internet Without fear of infection with viruses, worms and malware, it is easy to use and does not affect processor and system resources and does not slow down the device.

The AVG AntiVirus program has a simple and updated user interface to facilitate dealing with it and tools to detect viruses and do a search for files affected with hard disk and easily deal with it by deleting or cleaning the damaged files and work to prevent and stop the spread of viruses, worms and Trojans inside the files on the device and remove the dangerous hidden roots of malicious and harmful software Which can infect your computer and your device, the program works to detect software and viruses for the files attached to the e-mail and prevent infection of the device from infection with worms and viruses, as well as files that are exchanged To her and share it with friends through social media, you can through the program conduct financial and banking transactions via the Internet in complete security without injury and fear of spying hackers and obtaining your financial data as it maintains privacy and confidentiality of data.

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The AVG Antivirus program notifies you of harmful and virus-infected sites and malware before browsing them for non-infection with viruses and the ease of playing video clips and enjoying games without irritation as it is characterized by smoothness and work to keep files without infection and damage and it is a powerful program that works as an anti-virus firewall.

Information on the release of AVG Antivirus for the computer

Program Version: AVG AntiVirus Free 2019 19.5.3093

Release Date: May 2019

Developer: AVG Technologies

Software size: 257MB 32bit - and 244MB 64GB

Software license: Free

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